Usage: UOP <room> [ADD|DEL|LIST|WIPE] [<nick|number>]

Root admins can add, delete, or list a UOP to any room's list without being on the SOP list. Note: There is a limit of 250 users that can be added to a room's UOP list.

ADD - Add a user to the UOP list.
DEL - Remove a user from the UOP list.
LIST - List all the UOP list entries.
WIPE - Clear the UOP list of all entries

/msg chanserv uop #webchat add web
/msg chanserv uop #webchat del 2
/msg chanserv uop #webchat list
/msg chanserv uop #webchat wipe

This command allows you to fix any problems that might arise with a UOP list for any room. It works much as the AOP command does, except it is for the UOP list. Please see AOP.